Drupa 2016 report

 written by Terry Fang

June 23 2016


Some 260,000 visitors from 188 countries and some 1900 journalists from 74 countries travelled to a Germany city on the east side of Rhein to learn about technology innovations, further developments and new business lines. The city names Dusseldorf but in this very special period between May 31 to June 10.2016, we prefer to call it----Drupa city. 




The atmosphere at drupe 2016, the world’s biggest and most important trade fair for print and crossmedia solutions, can hardly be topped: the investment climate is extremely good and has far exceeded all expectations. As the 11-day trade fair draws to a close the 1837 exhibitors from 54 countries unanimously reported excellent business deals, extremely promising contacts and a positive spirit for the global print industry. ATOM, the rising star of Chinese screen press but first-time Drupa-participant is one of those cheerful exhibitors. With its chromic and shining TC-105 press running superbly at 4000 cycles per hour at the world stage of drupe, ATOM draws great attention and admiration from all visitors. The machine works great as one of customers told us he hears no noise but only a perfect concert of mechanical harmony from the high-speed equipment. The outstanding show machine was sold right from the booth even before the successful fair makes its half way, with more customers asking for demand and promising contacts for future cooperation. 




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