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The TC-1300CTS (Smart Positioning & Platemaking) Silk screen plate making system intelligent positioning direct plate making system includes the optical scanning positioning system and the screen laser direct plate making system.
The optical scanning positioning system is used to scan the printed matter after the offset printing process is finished. This kind of scanning is different from the traditional whole image scanning, but is the deviation value of the theoretical coordinate of the image that needs to be overprinted and the coordinate of the actual print.
The system mainly solves the problems that are difficult to overcome in the current production process-the problems of screen printing and offset printing overprinter because of the deformation of sheet.
The existing production process of silk printing overprinter printing process is first offset printing process and then silk printing process, offset printing process causes irregular deformation of paper in the printing process and waiting time for screen printing, the relative distance between patterns (theoretical distance and actual distance) changes, and the existing silk printing process or according to the size of the theoretical size to make the plate so it is difficult to set accurate. 
1. The overall use of vertical structure, small area, easy to design plate-making format according to customer needs.
2. The main body structure adopts high precision marble, which ensures the vertical accuracy of the two axes of the system within 5um, and also ensures the stability of the system.
3. The motion system adopts the world famous brand linear motor system, which makes the system positioning accuracy up to 1um.
4. The optical system uses international advanced DMD modulation technology and infrared laser measurement and control dynamic focusing technology to make the image perfect in.
5. The system control software is designed completely according to the "industry 2025" standard to realize remote intelligent maintenance and management, and can realize unattended automatic production. 
 Max.Screen plate size


(customizable to customer requirements)

 Min.Screen plate size

 300x300 mm

 Plate thickness


(customizable to customer requirements)

 Imaging system technology

 DMD Modulation

 Laser unit


(customizable to customer requirements)



 Focal distance

 Dynaimic focusing system

 Physical resolution


(customizable to customer requirements)

 Photosensitive adhesive thickness(emulsion)


 Data interface


 File format


 Working condition

 Temperature: 23±3

 Humidity: 40-70%


 AC220V , 50Hz,1.5kw


Optical scanning positioning system is a special scanner developed for this CTS process.
1. To correct the traditional industrial lens parallax this scanner adopts the telecentric lens design, the telecentric lens according to its unique optical characteristics: high resolution, ultra-wide depth of field, ultra-low distortion and unique parallel light design, etc.
2. The Smart Camera is not a simple camera, but a highly integrated micro-machine vision system. It integrates image acquisition, processing and communication functions into a single camera, thus providing a multifunctional, modular, and highly reliable image acquisition. The application of these two techniques ensures the high resolution acquisition of printed images.
3. The image processing software adopts parallel structure theory and parallel algorithm to ensure the super high intensity operation ability of image processing.
4. Adopting a worldwide brand of linear motor system for moving parts, the positioning accuracy of the system is up to 1 um.
5. The control system software adopts X-Y algorithm to make the relative coordinate accuracy of its image reach micron. 
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