JB1050AG Full Automatic Stop Cylinder Screen Press




The machine adopts the classical stop cylinder technology with the advantages such as: paper located exactly and steadily, high precision, high speed, low noise, high degree automatization and so on, it is suitable for printing on ceramic and glass applique, electron industry (film switch, flexible circuitry, meter panel, mobile telephone), advertisement, packing and printing, brand, textile transfer, special technics etc. It is the newest product of flat feed cylinder screen press.



1.The original rear pick-up feeder technology taken from the offset Press, ensures stable and smooth feeding of various types of substrate. Dependant on the substrate, overlapped (stream) or single sheet (universal) fed can be selected easily. Two suck and two delivery feeding system.


2. The vaccum absorb is assembled in the bottom of the feed board, matching with the push and press paper construction, insure various materials all can be delivered smoothly.


3. Cylinder stops step automatically to ensure the forehead of the printing stock can be sent accurately to the gripper of cylinder, which is up to extreme high precision; at the same time, gripper of cylinder and pull/push side-lay both have sensors for supervising if the printing stock is in correct place. The vacuum cylinder with +/- 0.01mm accuracy across the cylinder surface, a large cylinder shaft and specially made high precision bearings ensure the highest quality printing at higher speed. 


4. Squeegee and ink return bladeare driven by individual cams and a two-step action cam helps reduce the squeegee shock onto the screen mesh; Due to the positive down cam action, the printing pressure is evenly applied to the cylinder continuously, squeegee with the pneumatically pressure kept device, resulting in sharp dot reproduction, the printing graphics is more clearly and the ink layer is more well-proportioned.


5. Imported beeline guide and ball bearing, reduce the shake and noisy when the whole machine is working under high speed, insure the stability of printing.


6. The delivery board can be overturned up to 90degree to allow easy access to the screen mesh for cleaning and adjusting the frame, installing the blade; along with the vacuum adsorption, insure collection smoothly.


7. The screen frame rack can be pulled out, which is easy for adjusting the register or feeding, as well as cleaning the cylinder and screen frame; at the same time, it is assembled with device to hold the ink dropped to avoid the ink drops on the cylinder.




Max. paper size

1050 X 750mm

Min. paper size

560 X 350mm 

Max. Printing size

1050 X 740mm

Paper thickness




Printing speed



3P 380V 50HZ 10.7KW






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