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CHM1400/1700/1900 AC Servo Precision High Speed Sheet Cutter 



CHM precision high speed sheet cutter was widely used for cutting paper, like kraft paper, writing paper, art paper, laser paper, aluminum foil paper and board. CHM machine absorb euro and Taiwan technology, adopt servo motor driving, easy operate by touching screen, which those features makes our machine high precision and high speed and became famous brand of the market making and printing industry.



1. HD Siemens Screen works faster and accurate, picture display more fluency

2. Europe Sevo control system, Japan Yaskawa Inverter, hiigh accuracy, high speed and run stable

3. High speed conveyor section has dust removing and static eliminating function, besides delivered the paper with high speed.

4. Adjustable overlapping ration and auto stop machine, if paper jam happened.

5. Auto counting and tape inserting, jogging with front and both sides, piling high Max 1300mm

6. More efficient of tension control and longer useful life

7. CHM cross cutter can cut paper and board, slitter can middle slitting and sides trimming

8. HIgh precision plain steel knife drum and special alloy steel knife adjusted by dynamic balance to reduce shaking and noise successfully in high speed running



Cutting type

Top rotary knife, bottom knife fixed

Paper thickness


Cutting precision

±0.5mm/±1mm for 6 roll

Cutting speed

300 sheets/min

Cutting length range


Paper piling height


Max scroll diameter


Max paper cutting width





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