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 SDFM1100 Multifunctional Fully Automatic Laminating Machine




This machine is SDFM-1100 Fully Automatic High-speed Water-base Laminator Machine which is designed mainly for the lamination of water-base glue film, and also suits the lamination of oily glue film, pre-glued film as well as glueless film. One machine, four purposes. The film is firstly coated with water-base glue and then dried by the big drying roller. Meanwhile, automatic feeder equipped with paper length controller conveys paper sheets to laminating unit. Then the coated film will be laminated on paper surface by the heating and pressure of pressuring roller. The big drying roller and pressure roller adopt hot water circulation system with quick temperature rise and stable and precise temperature control. The laminated products can be winded directly or through perforating wheel and separating system be cut into paper sheets. Paper sheets can be received with manual table or automatic paper stacker.  



Max paper size

1100 x 1200mm

Min paper size

350 x 350mm

Paper thickness


Laminating speed






Overall dimension

14000 x 2750 x 3000mm

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